24 Hours in Critical Care


I was due a mastectomy yesterday but had an anaphylactic shock to the dye they used with the anaesthetic so now it’s been rescheduled for Tuesday.


The surgeon’s letter describes me as pleasant
which make me laugh because the word
jars so much with the situation,
because shouldn’t I be why me, is there a God,
furious and resentful. But I’m not.
I’m very polite and smiley and thank you so much
and this is not an act because deep down,
I am profoundly, eternally grateful
to these strangers who are saving my life.


7 thoughts on “24 Hours in Critical Care

  1. I wish you strength, peace, successful treatment and the same tranquillity that your poem “Our Religion” gave David and me. All love and support, Lesley (Roberts)


  2. Aoife, I have long followed your FB posts about your career, running workshops and your successes – having seen you perform several times in London and after attending a workshop run in Greenwich, a number of years ago. I have been deeply moved and highly entertained by your poetry. Today, I have come across the news of your health situation and treatment and I would like to send you the very best of wishes and some extra strength across the Internet! With love, Mary


  3. I’m in your corner, just like in Austria when I told you I loved your spirit and poetry. Keep fighting my sister, you know no other language. If you need anything just write me a poem and I’ll be there. Love Adisa.

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