Side Effects


There is the heat of insomnia,
a certain weariness in the bones,
the uncertainty of what my body
will do to me next. But there is also
stopping to notice a perfect
heart shaped petal floating in a puddle.
I stare into its deep red till you pull my hand
to show me a woodlouse kicking his legs in the air,
a green star stuck to your finger,
a bubble caught in the grass.
We take naps together in the afternoon,
drink hot milk which I used to find disgusting,
snuggle on the sofa to share our faith
in bad guy pirates swallowed whole
by tick tock crocodiles. An awfully big adventure.
As if I were somehow so much older
and so much younger at the same time.


One thought on “Side Effects

  1. Hi Aoife – what a lovely piece.

    Things floating in puddles and those little rivulets that run down the side of the road are special places of wonder for me, thanks for the reminder.



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