Night Night


You in your penguin pyjamas in the garden
on a beautiful evening as the sunshine
dissolves into summer mist.
You tell me you’re scared of the sky,
it’s too big, too far away.

I carry you inside, curled into my neck,
at the end of a long day. You tell me
you want to keep the flowers forever,
never say bye bye to the grass.
I promise you it will all
still be there in the morning.

This is the promise I am fighting to keep
through phone calls to the hospital
and the cancellation of appointments,
the rebooking of surgical consultation,
plastic implants, the removal of organs.

I tuck you under your Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory duvet,
read you a story about robber dogs
who give up a life of crime
to become super bakers.
There is hope for us all.


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