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My name is Aoife Mannix. I am the author of four collections of poetry and a novel. I have been poet in residence for the Royal Shakespeare Company and BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live. I have toured internationally with the British Council including most recently Mexico, Vietnam and Nigeria. I have previously been commissioned to write for National Poetry Day, the BBC World Service, Portsmouth Museum, Bronte Parsonage, Wellcome Collection, National Gallery of Ireland, City of London Sinfonia, and the National Gallery amongst others. I have a PhD in creative writing from Goldsmiths, University of London.

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  1. Hi Aoife
    Just to say a quick hi & to say how I’m thinking of you since I read your blog.
    I was diagnosed in June 2010, and went through all the tough treatment … And all I can tell you 5 years on is that I am really well & celebrating my 5th anniversary of my diagnosis!
    My energy levels are great – I’m back working full time & running around after my two boys who are 4 and 5 now.
    Take HUGE care of yourself & please please please feel free to email me any time if you have any questions/rants/queries you want to off load!
    xxxxx Evelyn


    • Hi Evelyn, I am a bit further on than Aoife but I take great courage from your post. Five years – whoop whoop ! Its so scary being at this stage but hearing about women who have survived is very reassuring. Cheers to you ! JM


  2. Hi Aoife,

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer December 2014 and am going through treatment at the moment. I’ve had chemo (which wasn’t so bad really but I know everyone is different) and surgery. I am now awaiting radiotherapy and I will have 13 more drug therapies under trial. The support I have had from friends and family – and especially the NHS (I can’t think about the NHS without getting teary!) has been wonderful. Your poem NHS absolutely resonated with me and I have reposted it on my Facebook page. Please take good care of your health and well being – I say to people ‘you have to be pretty fit to have cancer’ and its true, the treatment takes its toll so the better shape you are in emotionally and physically at the start the better you will cope. I wish you lots of support on this journey, I’m sure you will be overwhelmed like I have been. Its got to the stage with me now that if I don’t receive two bunches of flowers per week I get into a strop !! (Only joking). Be well and please contact me if you so wish, I am quite willing to share any details with you. JM


      • Hi Aiofe, yes I got your email thanks and am loving your poems. I think writing them, in particular will help you through; and others too. You’ll be able to track your progress through your writing and see how far you’ve come. It won’t last forever and you’ll have great support along the way as I have.


  3. Dear Aoife,
    I am incredibly sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis of cancer, but know you of all people have the strength of character, mindset and support to beat this.

    You are an inspiration to so many people and writing this blog proves that. What a great way to fight against this disease!

    Sending love, prayers and healing to you, my dear!

    Much love,
    Patricia xx


  4. Dear Aoife I loved reading your poems and seeing your son’s pictures (chanced upon your blog whilst scrolling through facebook) I am sorry you’ve been troubled by pesky cancer and hope that your treatment goes well and you make a good recovery. I have some experience myself so am happy to help with any useful advice. The pictures in the waiting room at my hospital have remained the same despite the new chairs and the introduction of squash and biscuits. They are uniformly terrible. I shouldn’t be so judgemental as they are donated kindly but I do wonder at their awfulness. Still,their constance is perhaps reassuring. I immerse myself in my work which is illustrating- it has helped and strangely my diagnosis has fired up my creativity and output. I hope you aren’t feeling too bad at the moment
    Jane x


    • Thanks for your lovely message and really pleased you like my poems and my son’s pictures. He loves drawing and though I am utterly useless at art, his enthusiasm is infectious and he is very forgiving of my efforts insisting on sticking them to the fridge along with his own (which as his mother I consider to be works of genius 😉 The writing helps too and I’m feeling pretty positive all things considered. Hope you’re doing well yourself and that the creativity continues to flow. All advice is hugely appreciated xx Aoife


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